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Understanding Return Gutters: The Corner Solution

What Is a Return Gutter?

A return gutter, also known as a corner gutter section or a gutter return, is an extension of a gutter around a corner. This design feature is particularly useful when multiple roof sections converge, creating a need for efficient water collection.

Unfortunately, the intersection of these roof sections often results in small gutters that can't adequately manage water flow, especially during heavy rains. Asheville Seamless Gutters, your local gutter contractor, recommends installing a return gutter as an effective solution.


  • Efficient Water Collection

  • Splash Resistance

  • Functional Efficiency


  • Aesthetic Impact

Installation: Gutter Sections, Miters, and Returns

To facilitate proper water flow around a corner, installing an additional section of gutter and a miter is necessary. A miter is the corner sleeve that conceals the gaps created by the seam of two connecting gutters. This setup—comprising two gutter pieces forming a 90-degree angle, with a miter covering the corner seam—enhances water capture compared to a single gutter on either side of a corner.

The Role of Splash Guards in Return Gutters

Almost every installation by Asheville Seamless Gutters, your trusted gutter contractor, includes splash guards alongside return gutters. A return gutter provides the foundation for installing a splash guard at a corner, thus minimizing water splashing and potential property damage.

Note: Return gutters are essential not just for garages but can be installed on any corner of a home where water overflow is a problem.

Gable Gutters: A Specific Return Gutter Type

A gable gutter is a specialized return gutter installed beneath gable roof sections. Unlike typical roofing areas, gables lack shingles and therefore don't accumulate much water. Sometimes, a single gutter stretches across the entire roof rather than having two return gutters.

Identifying and Addressing Leaks

If water leaks from the end of a return or roof gutter, it likely indicates an incorrect gutter pitch. Gutters should always be sloped towards the downspout to ensure proper water flow.

Leaf Protection for Gutter Returns

Small garage gutters may accumulate debris, raising the risk of clogs. A common solution is installing gutter covers, specifically perforated aluminum covers, that allow water into the gutter system without contributing to debris buildup.

Addressing Miter Leaks

All return gutter installations require a miter to connect sections around a corner. If water is leaking from this corner, it could be due to a faulty miter. In such cases, consulting with a professional gutter contractor like Asheville Seamless Gutters is advisable to resolve the leaking issue effectively.

No matter how big or small the project is, Asheville Seamless Gutters and Home Solutions Gutter Professionals aims to satisfy customers. Click here to book an appointment.

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