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Preparing for Your Gutter Installation: An Expert's Guide

At Asheville Seamless Gutters and Home Solutions LLC, we believe in keeping our customers informed and engaged throughout every step of their gutter installation process. To help you better understand what to expect on the day of your gutter installation, we've outlined some key pointers to ensure your installation day runs smoothly and successfully.

Scheduling Your Installation

Choosing the right day for your gutter installation is the first step to a smooth process. The recommended period for this task is usually the summer season. Fewer leaves are present during these months, meaning your home will be well-prepared for the subsequent fall and winter seasons. Importantly, try to select a dry day with no rain forecasted to ensure optimal conditions for the installation.

Old Gutter Removal and Site Preparation

Upon arrival, the existing gutters will be carefully detached and responsibly discarded. We will then prepare the area for the installation of the new gutters. This involves a meticulous process of checking for and removing stray screws or nails and sanding any areas that require smoothing to create an ideal surface for the new gutters.

Analyzing Roof Slopes

Our gutter installation experts will then conduct a thorough analysis of every slope on your roof. This step is crucial to ensuring the correct fit for each gutter segment. Any misfit could lead to potential issues, such as leaking or water pooling.

Measuring, Cutting, and Attaching Gutters

After the analysis, each roof section will be carefully measured, and gutters will be cut to the exact size. Achieving a seamless fit is paramount, making this stage vital. The pre-cut gutter sections and their supporting components will then be securely fastened to the fascia or the roof using special nails, known as "spikes," or screws.

Sealing the Gutters

Once the gutters are attached, key areas such as miter joints, downspout guides, endcap points, and fastener joints will be sealed using a waterproof sealant. The sealant we typically use is a durable rubber caulk that effectively resists heat and cold and remains flexible even after drying.

At the end of these steps, your gutter installation will be complete, and your gutters will be ready for use. We welcome the opportunity to install gutters for your new construction or replace your old ones.

No matter how big or small the project is, Asheville Seamless Gutters and Home Solutions Gutter Professionals aims to satisfy customers. Click here to book an appointment.


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